• Are you over the age of 18?
          • Are you a creative, positive, fun and quirky kind of gal or guy?
          • Are you active on social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter?
          • Do you have a creative and prolific social media presence?

          If you answered YES to all 4 of these questions, then you’ve come to right place!!!

          SolAura Designs is happy to announce we are now accepting applications for our SolAura Brand Ambassador Program!  We are seeking individuals who are high energy to represent SolAura Designs in a POSITIVE and INCLUSIVE light.

          If so, Our Ambassadors will receive the following:


          • New Ambassadors will receive a beautifully created SolAura Designed Piece (one time only) to share on their social media pages!  We certainly don’t expect professional photography but effort is everything!  We encourage creativity and having fun showing off your SolAura Designed Piece!  Check out our (SOL LOVE) page to get some ideas on what we’re looking for! We can’t wait to see how you’ll show it off!
          • Your own personalized 25% discount code for all your personal purchases on all items on our site
          • A 15% Discount code for friends, family and followers!  Each time your code is used resulting in a purchase, a 15% commission in store credit will be earned! (For example: a $100.00 order will earn you $15.00 to spend at
          • Weekly giveaways of our SolAura Designed Pieces, Coupons, Stickers, etc. Available ONLY to Brand Ambassadors!
          • Free shipping (of course!) with some extra surprise freebies along the way!
          • Trade Work Opportunities for our EXCLUSIVE High-End Pieces
          • Exclusive sneak peek on ANY new premiere pieces
          • Brand Ambassadors will be featured on our WEBSITE so you can link to your own social media sites
          • Business cards to promote SolAura Designs and much, much more!

          Phew!!! That’s a heck of a program!!

          If you’re super excited and super creative with your social media sites, fill out the contact form below and tell us why you’d make an awesome SolAura Brand Ambassador!  Good Luck!!!

          Much Love,

          SolAura Designs

          Name *
          Please include social media sites for which you are currently active and would like to promote SolAura Designs. (Please include handle/names.)

          Ambassador Program is subject to change.  Revised 7-5-2017